How can graphic design be used represent a Serbian family's development through economical/social changes in a visual narrative contrasted with key points in Serbia's history teach/showcase to viewers(needs to be much specific)? 

With this being my question I have a lot to think about. The biggest obstacle is really defining my audience and what they will be learning. Who would be interested in this project or could gain something from it? I need to figure out what specific content I will be showcasing and where is the content coming from? I need to think about my role as a an author. The time span of years– from what year to what year should I represent?

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  1. make sure you follow the guidelines for the weekly posts:

    "13 weekly posts are required to the blog throughout the semester. Each post is required on the date indicated on the course project schedule and is assessed considering quality and completeness of the content. At a minimum, each blog post should include 4–7 portfolio-quality (sized 800 × 600 pixels) images and a 150–200 word statement that lucidly summarizes the student’s design process."