Visualizing a Revolution: Emory Douglas and The Black Panther Newspaper
by Colette Gaiter
“all power to the people.” 
Can another political organization be created like this again in "today's" world? What are the main differences in comparison from the 60s and now within citizen lead organizations? Is it just technology and the way the information can travel or do the people matter too?

Design of Dissent
by Tony Kushner
This was probably my one of my favorite points from the reading or something I related to the most. Is this true? What is the difference between our education and someone that teaches themselves? As a "professional" designer are we more able to make a difference then someone who has not? 

Graphicagitation Propaganda and Protest Graphics

How has technology changed the way we view and take in propaganda?
I think in a way advertisements and propaganda have begun to slow crossover.

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