Being able to afford fresh produce. Many people do know what is healthy and what is not, they just do not have the financial ability to purchase them. 

In the meeting Heidi mentioned "food prescriptions." I was really intrigued by this and how it works. The path of people that take part in this. Does everyone know about it? Who in the community can it be supplied to? I have only found one article about these food prescriptions which makes me wonder if it is a pretty recent idea...?  How much involvement does the doctor have? Can it be used at the
"Farmer + PHarmer = a healthier America."

Kids being aware of their food intake. If the food is healthy and how much they should be eating everyday. 

Creating a school related method so that kids can track their eating habits. This method would allow the students to visually see their food intake and if it has been healthy or not. This behavior would be rewarded in a community style. Either class by class, school by school. Jessica has an idea that the end product would produce a large tree at the school or in a community space. The students will be rewarded with a leaf, sticker, or something to add to the tree. So the fuller and taller the tree gets, the more healthy the community of kids are becoming. If they fulfill their goals they get to add to the tree. Within schools each grade could have their own tree which would have to grow so tall by the end of each season.

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