So far during this project we have created matrix boards using the ten rhetorical figures: irony, pun, parody, metonymy, metaphor, allegory, hyperbole, personification, antithesis, synecdoche. This was a way to really play with different ideas. Probably ideas that I would not have come up with without doing the matrix boards. It forced me to think in different ways. Using the rhetorical tropes to achieve the small notecard sized sketches was one of the most difficult things for me. I do not know that I have ever really had to wrap my mind around so many different ways of concept making, but with in those ideas coming up with clever and smart was of representing Nnenna Freelon.
We had to have 50 rough sketches to begin with on our matrix boards and from there we moved on to around 10 which then moved down to 2-3 different concepts. From these sketches we created digital  "sketches" to start getting the sense of typography, color, and form.

In my concepts I really wanted to emphasize that she is a vocalist with a feminine flare. I used the warm colors  mixed with the cool purples to show her warm and smooth voice as well as getting the smooth jazz feeling plus her feminine qualities.

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