So as I have said before, I am not the best writer. I still want to put up my last paper that I wrote while in Paris. It really summarizes my thoughts and realizations from staying there. I hope my thoughts make sense to you all. I  have just started my junior year in college (WOW) and I am very excited. I have a two new teachers, a new job, and lots of new discoveries ahead I am sure. As hard as it is to be a college student, and a college student in  graphic design, I know that I have so much to look forward to even though it is amazingly hard at times. In my paper below I write about taking time. I understand that everyone in America has this "taking time" issue. I have found that it is my only way to stay sane in the craziness we all call life. I know I am not French nor do I live in Paris, but I  realized that you can have a job and be in school, but still enjoy those things outside of homework. I remind myself of this quite often and I hope I don't forget it when things get crazy.  My goal this year is to use my time to it's fullest potential (wish me luck). 

My Eyes Are Now Open

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