We just got assigned our first project! I have been looking forward to this! We are designing posters for the Folly Theatre's Jazz Series. I drew the jazz singer, Nnenna Freelon. She has a beautiful voice and sings everything from jazz and blues to scatting.  I think that it will be great learning experience, but as well so much interaction with people and for me, discovering/ learning about a new topic! We officially have a client now. It is a nice feeling to know that your work has the chance to be seen by such a broad audience.  
Our first step is to create a mood board. This part of our project is a collaboration between myself, Patrick, and David. We want to do our best to embody Nnenna and her style of music. We have discovered that it is a mix between the slow and smooth jazz, but yet some of her music is very energetic. Below are some songs that show a selection of her work. 

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