Below are examples of some of the tropes we have been studying. 

Personification: The lobster is given human like qualities therefore, making it personification.
-found here

Pun: The band aid is covering up the red splattered Japan portraying the hurt Japan and the band aid supporting the wound. 
-found here

Antithesis: The flower-symbol of peace,  is being juxtaposed with the contrasting cannon- a symbol of war creating antithesis.
-found here

Metonymy: The cross is standing in for the oil rig.  The O's from LONDON become wheels for the blocked type created out of London.
-found here & here

Synecdoche: The sunglasses, hat, and tie are standing in for the Blues Brothers. Not needing their complete faces to portray the Brothers.
-found here

Allegory: The red "blood dot" in the center is symbolizing the red circle for the Japanese Flag. With it being on the band aid it shows the deeper message of healing after the earthquakes.
-found here

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