physical boundaries
what's/who's involved
equipment needs
what are they learning (e.g. primary subjects of math / science / reading, energy consumption

in your home, nutrition and health stats, etc.)

1. Alternative Schooling
-Physical boundaries are the school itself
-student's, teachers, parents
-equipment needed would be determined from child to child within alternative school. Their equipment is based on their own interests and needs.
-Ages 6-18
-What they are learning is a complete open book.

2. Creativity within Adults, redefine learning creativity
-A corporate office/building
-the workers, associates, business owners
-the equipment needed would depend on the company
-20-55 years old
-exploring other parts of the brain that are not being used anymore. tapping into their creativity

3. Children with Disabilities
-Public Schools, Private Schools...? 
-High School Students, teachers, parents
-Things for life skills and basic schooling
-ages 14-18
-Children with Down Syndrome, Autistic, Cerebral Palsy for example
-They are learning basic life skills

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