I'm not entirely sure where to begin. But I will start by saying that taking the User Experience has made the way I think about my projects considerably different. I used to be aware of my audience yes, but now it seems that I actually really consider not what I think they would like, but I try and find out what their goals, values, and traits are. I take the time to find out and research what these things would be to them. In my iPhone app for Information Architecture, because of my research for the Roller Derby Girl it made the ending product that much better and richer in content. I was also hesitant to go into this class. All I heard was research research research. But come to find out, it was research that I really like doing. It's research about people. And I really like people! The User Experience is something I could really see myself pursuing. It is a completely new side of design for me– something I did not realize existed until now.  It is design with a mixture of anthropology, research, writing, talking to people, understanding, thinking outside of the box, being even more considerate and thoughtful in your design, and knowing not just your audience, but in the this situation who will be using and buying the product.

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