The Weirdest, Best, Most Beautiful Things so far...

-The French instantly know you are American. (no matter how hard you try to blend in) 
-My chicken still had hair, feathers... something on it. 
-Still have yet to seen a gas station. 
-No air conditioning 
-Random store hours.
-Doesn't get dark until 10:15pm 
-I know I am in France, but blogger spell checks as if I were typing in French... so sorry for typos. 
-shoe stores everywhere! (not that I have a problem with that) 

Best/ Beautiful
-the weather (always breezy) 
-Notre Dame 
-Seine River
-the people 
-the colors
-I suppose that this list continue on for a while.

au revoir!

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  1. Don't stop updating! Excited for you! woohoo!