Thank You

I have been wanting to write a thank you or reflection about this past semester for a while now. I must say that it was the most wonderful, challenging, exciting, and exhausting semesters I have ever had. One of the best achievements for me as a designer was the feeling of confidence in my design knowledge and skills. I had the great privilege to work with some of the best teachers (ever). I know this letter is a bit late, but I think my mind needed some time to relax after the business from the end of the semester. I was so proud of my classmates that I had the opportunity to listen to for sophomore reviews and to have all of the faculty including Kathy McCoy was amazing. It was such a great thing for me to really get to listen to all of the good, bad, improvements, and critiques that they had for me. I think it was a great end to the year, but also inspiration for the next and for this summer. I noticed certain aspects about myself and who I am as a designer that I would have probably never have truly noticed without this process. 
So thank you to Jamie, Marty, Tyler, Kidwell, Chris, and Kathy!


  1. awesome!

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  2. Oh yes! I do love that blog! One of my favorites.
    I am glad to see that you know of it as well!


  3. I'm just now seeing this! I agree with Kidwell, awesome!