What I have been up to so far this break... yoga.

These are some pics that I have recently taken of my mom and Grace; another instructor at her studio. We are working on redoing the website as well. I am working with a friend of ours to get the new site up and going. He knows code (and I have no idea) so he is doing the setup of everything or the structure of our new site and I am doing more of the design and artistic side of it.  These pictures were taken in my mom's studio... ;) It was so fun! We will do it again soon I am sure!


favorite. yes. this is my mom. when I grow up, I want to be just like her. :) 
Putting a face to the body... she will love me for this one! 

falling... ha



  1. Great photos Mckenzie! Can't wait to see the progress on the website.

  2. Mckenzie! I love you so much my little sweetie! Ivan! When are you coming back to Yoga! I miss ya!

  3. Mac...your just too CUTE! Your already an amazing women, just like your mama ;O)
    love & light ~m

  4. Mac, you ROCK! Did you take these photos??? Hmmmm, I'm looking for someone to do my headshots for my training business. I want to be just like your mom too. She is unbelievable!
    Sara :)

  5. Wow, Mackenzie. Very nice pics! Can't wait to see the website. It is too late for me to grow up to be like you and your mom?
    Becky P

  6. Sara: Yes, I did take them! Thank you. I would love to shoot you as well! Let me know! It's just fun for me!!! mckenziemarston@yahoo.com

    Becky: You are too nice! Thank you! :)

  7. That "prayer hands behind the back" receives mad props from me!

  8. thanks patrick! I like that one too! Well I think I all like all of them, but I do like that one!