Posters: Self and Partner Critique

Using a random line study and photograph 
of downtown highways and ramps. 
With this line study and photograph I wanted to join the horizontal lines of the bridges and flipping the line study vertically. I created negative space so the line integrate with the photograph and become part of the beams holding the bridges up. I wanted to change it up in a way by putting the image on a vertical slant, but I don't know that it works yet. It kind of gets confusing and looks like the truck on the bottom is going to tip over. I knew exactly were I want to put the text, but the color became an issue. In white or black I lost letter due to the white and black line study. So I went with a gray scale but  it is still difficult to read. I put it in italics to go with the slant of the lines, but it is falling off the page now. 

This is probably my favorite out of this group of three. I decided to enlarge the picture to a little more then half of the picture plane to have it have use the same space as the line study. I figured out that the bottom section where my text is was probably the best place for it. It rests on the rail so it looks more integrated with the photograph. The text is not just sitting on top of the line study and photograph it becomes a part of it. I also chose this typeface because the skinniness of the stroke incorporates with the lines on the line study as well as the long lines that roads create and the yellow dashes of a highway. 

In this poster I have the photograph on the lower half of the picture with the line study in the background again. I wanted to incorporate the text within the line study somehow. I put the text going vertically and I don't know that it works best there, but I like it between the lines. I think removing the line going through downtown would help it visually.
Scanned line study and skyline picture of downtown. 
In the last critique many things were said about this composition and the large black space on top. I chose to play off of that and keeping it black with subtle interruptions with the text. For this poster I cut up the photograph and the line study and placed them side by side. I like how the line study become the skyline. When I look at it I see a whole skyline and when I look closer I see the line study. With this type face I wanted something skinny and clean to go with the feel of the cool downtown city life. I don't know that the type works in sitting on top of the photograph and the line study because it breaks up the skyline pretty harshly. I think if I incorporated the text within the imagery more it might flow better, but  I didn't want the composition to become to busy or the text to get lost. 
I decided with this poster to use larger parts of the photograph instead of the line study for some more variation between the line study and the photograph. I like how the downtown sits on top of the building as if it part of the skyline.  

After my first individual critique it was suggested to integrate the downtown into the line study. It was difficult to incorporate the type into the curvilinear line study and still make it look grounded and not just floating in the composition. 
With this line study and photograph already being so busy with the lines I wanted to try and break up the  randomness. To make it simple and not so busy was difficult so I thought just the simple strips would help. Just doing five of them so that chaos doesn't happen again. I don't like the typeface used here and I think a different one could be more successful. 

I liked this poster the best with this line study. I think the type looks part of the windows and is clear to read considering all of the lines in the back ground.  I overlapped the line study and photograph just a little bit to join the two together. 

In this post I was attempting to somehow join the text with my line study. I wish that it would have worked better but trying to find a decent spot for the type was difficult. I like how the text looks as if it's in the middle ground, but I don't think that the letters are being blocked by the line study and not featured. 

1 comment:

  1. Downtown1
    -Both the image and line study are strong.
    -There is a disconnect between them due to the tilt of the lines in the image.
    -The tilt make the image hard to look at, giving it the wrong kind of motion.
    -The grey text is difficult to read as it looks busy against the black and white.
    -Not sure symmetry is appropriate.

    -The scale change is a nice touch.
    -2/3 image asymmetry is much nicer to look at.
    -The line study continues appropriately through the lines of the overpasses.
    -The text is stunning where it is but it loses the surface that it sits on towards the right.
    -There is a good amount of information between the lines.
    -The truck behind the word downtown adds a nice touch.

    -The 2/3 line asymmetry is ok but not as strong as the previous one.
    -There needs to be no line intersecting the text.

    -In this one there is a loss of the busy energetic nature of downtown at night.
    -making the image and lines larger gives the composition to much breathing room.
    -This is also the case for the text. It breaks up the composition to much, slowing it down.

    -The contrast between the top and bottom is very quick, and the business between the line study and the buildings more accurately represent the area.
    -The text feels like a sign on top of a building, which gives it just the right amount of emphasis.

    -too thick
    -too ambiguous
    -too loose

    -The Image is fighting to be aligned with the lines.
    -Reflection of the infrastructure in the lines is nice.
    -The text needs a more solid base to be legible.

    -The text fits in the window space quite appropriately, like a decal.
    -The space is broken up nice.
    -The continuation of lines is not quite spot on due to the perspective but it would not look as good if it were corrected.
    -needs some excess white bits removed from the thinner lines.

    -There needs to be more space for the text to fit in because it feels like each layer is fighting for hierarchy.
    -There might need to be less information being stacked on top of each other.
    -Again there needs to be some editing of the perspective.