"You are my face; you are me"

With my theme being the relationship between a mother and daughter- I thought naming my book would not be that difficult to name. I have discovered that the line of being very specific and to broad is hard to get by. My titles have either been to broad so the reader doesn't get a sense of intrigue, they would already know that the book is about a mother and daughter. Then I come up with titles that represent a relationship, but what kind of relationship? I wonder if it is better to be more broad, then as the reader goes through the book by the end they know what the relationship is portraying. Choices, choices, decisions, decisions.... 
My ideas so far: 
A Connection
Between Me and You*
Our Link
First Born
My Mirror Image*
The Two of Us: Mother and Daughter
My Mother: Mia Madre 
You are Me*
Side by Side
It Takes Two 
One and Only
*my favorite ones so far
"Beloved, you are my sister, you are my daughter, you are my face; you are me."- Toni Morrison


  1. For what it's worth, I really like "You are me." And I really like your blog! I have always been curious about how people learn design, what it's about, etc. I just hope I don't forget to follow along. (Feel free to post things to my FB page so that I'm sure to see them!)

  2. okay! Thank you for the feedback! I will be sure to do that and let you know when I put new stuff up :)